“What can I say, Spirit Rising is my Happy Place!! The studio energy, positivity, friendly students, and knowledgeable teachers brought me to this studio and kept me coming back for more. After practicing here for 6 years, I am now a proud member of the Yoga Teaching community that has emerged from Spirit Rising. I am humbled by the love and guidance Lisa has provided me on this very special journey. I encourage everyone to start their Yoga journey today! and Spirit Rising is an excellent place to start!!! “

Anna R.

“I have taken yoga classes at MSR since about April 2017. I had never taken a yoga class in my life prior and believe I was led here for reasons that only became obvious after about 6 months. Lisa, her studio and approach to yoga created a place for healing for me that I was largely unaware I needed. This changed in Dec of 2017 during the last position offered in a yoga class that unexpectedly triggered parts of a memory that was just not ok. That difficult experience, which Lisa brought me through, began a journey with an eclectic group of practitioners who helped me identify and address the physical, emotional, and spiritual damage that had been with me for much of my life. It has been a time of deep healing in all three of these areas, although there is still some work to be done. This is the backdrop that sparked my interest in Deepening Your Practice.

I wanted this question answered, what IS yoga, really? And what is Lisa really teaching as my body tries to take these shapes? When Deepening Your Practice became available last Fall, I decided it was time to find out. I took only Part 1 of this class as I did not want to become a yoga teacher. I wanted to understand how this practice brought me back to life. It was clear to me that the physical practice, daily meditation, and breathwork I had already been doing was helpful. But I didn’t know the why. So, I launched into this class with 5 other participants and learned more than I imagined. I began to understand how much yoga encompasses beyond the physical; to see and experience how our body functions beyond the bones, blood, and tissue; to understand how the Chakras are directly related to the yoga positions I strive to attain; how breath, meditation and yoga poses work together; and where all this can ultimately lead. There is so much more. I know I will be returning to the course materials to reread and remember how all this is connected to me, to you, to the Universal Life in whatever way we define that. If you are to Deepen Your Practice, you will know when the time is right. And you will have a choice to only deepen your practice or to also become a yoga teacher.”

Namaste -Mary H.

“Always a wonderful experience at Saturday Hatha with Kim. Her practice leaves me centered, relaxed, and rejuvenated! Each class is a tiny bit different, focusing on the classes desired body parts.

Kim’s antidotes and soothing delivery make the class addictive! I want more!”

Marie N

“I have attended classes at Spirit Rising for several months and have enjoyed every one. The atmosphere is relaxing and spacious.
I especially enjoy Hatha with Samantha!”

Francine M

“Kim is a very knowledgeable and informative teacher. I’m so happy that this class is offered! My hips are so tight from either being on my feet on hard flooring for long shifts, sitting too long, or standing in one place for over 30 minutes at a time. Happy Hips helps even in the first 60 minutes. Highly recommended.”

Denise D

“I always look forward to my classes at Spirit Rising. Lisa’s passion in infectious. She reminds us of our alignment, where we should be feeling the pressure, relaxing the shoulders & face. I never feel pressured to do something that my body can’t handle; yet, she gives me alternatives if I want more strength or flexibility. At the beginning of class, she asks what people need that day. The members are all very welcoming. I always leave feeling good!”

Linda V

“Comfort, care and calm. I love the atmosphere at Spirit Rising, I just started going and I have had A LOT of injuries from a past motorcycle accident, Lisa is amazing at focusing on what can be a bit more comfortable with positioning.
Highly recommend!!”

Deborah P

“I had a therapeutic and truly healing Reiki session with Kim over the weekend. An old shoulder injury was acting up and intensified by the tension I’ve been carrying in my neck and shoulders. Before my session, I was in quite a bit of pain, during it lessened to mild discomfort and the next day my shoulder was back to normal! Thank you, Kim!”

Lindsay S

“The Ayurvedic service offered by Lisa is a must do! I view it as another extension to my yoga practice that compliments it beautifully. Her extensive knowledge and passion for Ayruveda makes it so wonderfully beneficial and easy to learn. I’ve come away feeling more comfortable with myself and my overall physical, mental and emotional health. I’ve gained valuable tools to help me navigate daily living at my best potential. I’m so glad to be able to continue to grow my yoga practice with Lisa’s guidance in the healing science that is Ayurveda.”

Amy S

“As a beginner I very much enjoyed the 2 chair yoga classes with Kim and a Yin class with Lisa. I look forward to trying more classes”

Karen D

“Reike was a new experience for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I went into it with an open mind. Let me start by saying I had gone through 6 months of pain which prevented me from my usual routine of daily walks and yoga practice. I also could not sleep peacefully due to constant pain in my hips and low back. I had been to doctors, taken prescriptions, physical therapy and nothing worked…then I found Reike. Kim has a special gift and after the first session, I felt the difference. By my 4th session, I am about 90% pain free. I’m getting my life back again. Thank you Kim for that healing touch that is giving me my life back.”

Pam P

“I tried every traditional option before signing up for hypnotherapy. My sessions with Lisa have not only been life changing for me, but for my whole family. She is an incredible therapist and person and I can’t thank her enough.”

Keli W

“First time attendee at Spirit Rising and enjoyed taking the LYT workshop with Sam Lieberman! The quality of the teaching is excellent, and simple advice and techniques, especially with the suggested modifications helped me understand how to improve my posture. Highly recommend for anyone looking to challenge themselves and deepen their practice!”

Vibha K

“I have been going to Spirit Rising for many years. Such a loving, warm, welcoming studio. No judgments here! A wonderful place to develop and explore. A truly mind, body, spirit experience. I would encourage you to check out the class offerings.”

Debbie B

“In the fall of 2016, I participated in the “Deepening Your Practice” course at Spirit Rising Yoga. I had no intention of moving on to the teacher training module, I just wanted to improve my own yoga practice and to explore the spirituality side of it. Over the course of 17 sessions, we played with the poses and emphasized the energy of the practice. We learned about energy lines, chakras, meridians, nadis, koshas, layers of energy and how to tap into it to help us heal. We touched on Ayurvedic medicine, learned anatomy, practiced meditation, mantras and mindfulness. We read from several sources and had many fascinating discussions ranging finding our edge in physical practice, to living the Yamas and Niyamas, to the underlying spirituality of yoga as an individual connection to “Source”. I learned new insight and a different way of thinking regarding everyday interactions. I started the process of letting go of old emotional scars, learned to see others with less judgement and found a measure of peace. I have learned to forgive myself for being “perfectly imperfect” . And, along the way I made friends with a fabulous group of ladies. Thank you, Lisa, for guiding us, encouraging us and gently nudging me until the lesson finally clicked into place. You have given me many “aha” moments and a new way of looking at life, spirit and the interconnectedness of those around us. I am so very pleased that I joined this course. Because my best is yet to come!”


“I just took my first LYT Hatha and I’m a big fan! As a teacher, I found it inspiring. As a student, I found it to be incredibly educational. Sam offered great cues that really helped me connect deeply with my body. She paid close attention to each student, helping us find the proper alignment for our very different bodies, abilities and needs. Highly recommend!”

Kim H
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