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Gentle Yoga – Beginner and All Experience Levels

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Gentle Yoga is a great class for beginners! A peaceful practice that gently strengthens muscles, grounds the senses and creates balance of mind and body. This is the class for anyone who is looking for a softer practice, is new to yoga, nursing an injury, or when hoping to soothe tight muscles or an overactive mind. In this class, we gently lengthen and strengthen muscles, while cultivating balance both physically and mentally.

Yoga for Healthy Backs – Beginner and All Experience Levels

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Yoga for Healthy Backs is a great class for beginners and anyone who is experiencing back ailments! A peaceful practice designed to gently strengthen muscles and lengthen the spine while creating balance of body and mind. We find modified poses that are adaptable to any body or current flexibility in order to open tight or blocked energy places and create breathing room in your body. Holding lots of tension? Working through an injury? Had a difficult day? Can’t quite touch your toes? Then this is the place for you. Find the way back to strength, mobility, and calm.

Chair – Beginner and All Experience Levels

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Chair classes are great class for those who are challenged by getting on the floor or who are looking to learn exercises you can incorporate throughout a work day. A gentler practice suitable for beginners. The support of a chair not only makes poses accessible for all, but also allows advanced students a new way to practice. You will be amazed at the strength, flexibility, and calmness that can develop from practicing in a chair! (For added accessibility, the elevator will be turned on for this time slot).

Gentle Flow – Beginner and All Experience Levels

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Ease into your body and calm your mind with this gentle flow class. A slow-paced sequence that is deeply connected to breath and balanced with gentle stretches will awaken your body and allow your energy to flow.

Hatha – All Experience Levels

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Hatha Yoga focuses on breath, peace, harmony and bodily awareness through coordinating breath and movement. Ha means sun and tha means moon, and is said to follow the same concept as the yin-yang. Hatha represents the balance of opposing energies: hot and cold, fire and water, male and female, positive and negative. Hatha yoga attempts to balance mind and body via physical exercises (Asanas), controlled breathing (Pranayama), and the calming of the mind through relaxation and meditation. Asanas teach poise, balance & strength and are practiced to improve the body’s physical health and clear the mind in preparation for meditation in the pursuit of enlightenment.

Seasonal Balancing – All Experience Levels

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Seasonal balancing unites the wisdom of Ayurveda with yoga to create a practice that is designed to restore balance. Class sequences consider the season and the time of day to help restore balance physically, energetically, and mentally. This unique class is unlike any class you have taken before!

Poses Pens & Inner Peace – All Experience Levels

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Poses Pens & Inner Peace is an inspiring class which combines the practice of yoga with the practice of writing. Classes include a short meditation, gentle movement, and journaling prompts that serve as a tool for self-reflection. The intention of this class is to offer participants a deep inner exploration with guidance and support to dig deep. There is the option to share with the group, or save your reflection just for yourself. Whether you share or not, this class builds a strong community who supports each other in opening to creative energy and tapping into the stories held deep in the body and mind. By tapping in, participants release trapped energies and open to inner peace.

Vinyasa – Intermediate to Advanced

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Vinyasa can be a strong moving practice. Linking breath with movement, we cultivate the awareness of how the body moves with breath. Vinyasa is a great class for building strength and balance. Class is never the same thing twice. We will find new places and spaces each time we come to the mat by getting deep in to the muscles. Our bodily movement will create heat, allowing muscles to cool into a longer stronger shape with longer holding.

Yoga Bliss – All Experience Levels

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For those who want deep release and relaxation, Yoga Bliss may be the perfect yoga. Participants are led to deeply stretch and relax in yin poses followed by a guided yoga nidra, otherwise known as yoga sleep. The icing on the cake? Shavasana (rest) is infused with Reiki healing. Students leave this class feeling calm, peaceful, and rested. If you enjoy this class, be sure to sign up! It’s only on the schedule Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Yoga Express – Beginner and All Experience Levels

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A 45-minute, all levels class, designed to increase mobility and reduce tension throughout the body. This class is ideal for anyone who experiences muscle and joint tension due to repeated motion or long periods of stagnation throughout their day.

Yin – Beginner and All Experience Levels

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Most forms of Yoga practiced today are Yang, they emphasize muscular movement and contraction. By contrast, Yin Yoga targets the connective tissue of the body, helping to increase flexibility and softness. Yin postures are held several minutes at a time, but don’t let this scare you. Yin is defined as soft, hidden and slow. This is a great way to unwind the mind and muscles. This type of practice complements the more muscular styles of Yoga and is a great aid for learning to sit in meditation.

Yin & Vin – All Experience Levels

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In the mornings, class consists of 30 minutes of yin followed by 30 minutes of vinyasa. In the evenings, we begin with vinyasa and end with yin. Combining a yin practice with a yang practice like vinyasa allows you to balance the body and mind and experience a dynamic practice in one hour, perfect for days when you want a little bit of both! In the yin portion, we hold poses for 3-5 minutes to work on joint space, fascia, and our minds. In the following vinyasa portion, we move through poses at the pace of our breath.

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Slow Flow Vinyasa – Intermediate to Advanced

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Looking for the place to kick up your practice? You found it!

The bridge between Hatha and Vinyasa, often called beginner vinyasa or vinyasa 1, this class moves a little slower and softer than vinyasa. Slow Flow Vinyasa has been designed to bridge the gap between slower hatha classes and faster vinyasa or ashtanga classes.

Slow Flow Vinyasa allows each student to flow through a series of moderately challenging poses. Each series has been created to work through lines in the body building strength, flexibility, and breaking through energy stagnation. Once the lines are open, prana (chi, ki or life force) can wash through the body increasing harmony and health!

Which Class Is Right For Me?

All of the styles share a common lineage. In fact, the founders of four major styles — Ashtanga, Iyengar, Viniyoga and Bikram– were all students of Krishnamacharya, the father of modern yoga.
Although there are many styles of yoga, the differences are usually about emphasis, such as focusing on strict alignment of the body, coordination of breath and movement, holding the postures, or the flow from one posture to another.

No style is better than another; it’s simply a matter of preference. We do not have classes that are only for beginners, or only for advance students, but do note the challenge level to help get you started. We encourage students to view yoga as a changeable living practice that allows you to match the class to your desired energy needs and levels.

If you are looking for something relaxing or to rest after a really hard day, then yin or gentle would be great. If you need to connect to powerful effort or are  looking for more intensity, then a vinyasa style is the way to go. Not sure? Hatha is right in the middle.