Yoga FAQ

What Will Yoga Do?

Yoga will help us gain strength…

not just in the muscles, but in the heart.

Yoga will help us gain stamina…

not just physical, but in willpower and confidence.

Yoga will help us gain compassion…

not just of others shortcomings, but ours as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yoga

I don't have a mat, or yoga clothes.

You do not need anything but yourself. You can borrow our mats, blocks, straps, pillows and blankets (at no charge). Yoga clothes only need to be comfortable, that allow free movement. Maybe a shirt that can tuck in or is form fitted for forward fold modesty and comfort.

Do I need to be flexible? I am not flexible enough.

You do not need to be flexible to do yoga… yoga will create the flexibility that the rest of life has tightened.

I want to fit in and feel comfortable but I don't understand everything you are saying. Its like a different language, where can I get familiar with the poses and terms in yoga?

We have created a page to address just this. It is very common to not understand everything said in yoga… it IS a different language. Spirit Rising uses more then just yoga in class, so even if you have practiced for a while there will still be something new. Check out this page for our library of terms

I am not Indian or Hindu, can I practice yoga with out if disturbing my spiritual or religious beliefs

YES! Yoga has noting to do with religion… you can be Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Buddhist or Atheist. Yoga can actually deepen your connection to God and make you a better “whatever” you are. Yoga is a practice of drawing the senses inward and listening to the body. Developing a calm non-reactive mind and allowing the spirit to guide the actions… not the actions guiding the spirit. Come to yoga with an open heart and allow the eyes to turn in to the soul.

I have a bad back, hip, knee, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, (Insert your ailment here) Can I safely do yoga?

YES! Yoga is safe, with some modifications, for all people. Physical therapy is even fashioned after yoga… Yoga and meditation have been proven to reverse heart disease, lower blood pressure, increase immunity, increase circulation and many many more.

I tried yoga before but didn't like it.

Every studio and teacher is different. Try for yourself how different Spirit Rising is. When your practice revolves around you and your unique needs each moment you come to the mat, you will find an entirely new experience.

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