Private Yoga Lessons

If you desire something more then just poses then a private lesson may be exactly what you need.

Yoga was originally taught one on one, teacher to student, creating a wholeness in the body mind connection in a nurturing space.

Sometimes in a full class, there can be moments when you are left wondering “I don’t know what I am supposed to be doing or feeling here” or “how do I do that?”

A private lesson can be about finding your alignment…

It can be about your increasing flexibility,

It can be about current limitations or working through injuries …

It can even be an hour of pampering, a moving meditation, a little like a massage…

The one-on-one time during a personal lesson offers a deep healing opportunity to work through injuries or limitations and cultivate strength and awareness of where you are.

A private lesson can be just for you,. It can be you and a loved one or even a group private class. Its a wonderful way to celebrate birthdays, a night out or family time together.

Email or call now to find out when you can take care of yourself with this healing time, or you can book your time now.

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