Yoga Etiquette

These rules of good yoga etiquette will help you feel comfortable when entering an unfamiliar setting…. and great as a brush up for long time yogis too. They are based on common sense and courtesy, and are really good to know. We love the community we have created at Spirit Rising Yoga, and everyone is welcome to join us. Some things need to be honored to create the best possible experience for everyone.

Please, show us that you love us, and honor the 8 limbs of Spirit Rising Yoga. Thank you for reading our etiquette. We appreciate you and your cooperation.

1. Arrive early

Plan to be in the studio at least 2- 3 minutes before class time begins. Coming in late create distraction for those who came on time and takes away from your grounding and over all experience.

2. Turn off the phone

We know you are busy, really busy. But its just an hour. Please leave the phone on vibrate, mute or better yet – in the car. If you cant actually take 1 little hour for your self, then how will you be healthy enough to care for others? If something is happening in your life that absolutely needs the phone in sight, then tell the teacher… If it rings take it and your self in to the “living room”.

3. No shoes in the yoga room

Take off your shoes, leave them outside. Even if you have to step in for a second because you forgot something, take off your shoes.

4. Tell the teacher what’s going on

New pain? Something tweaked, hurting or replaced? We need to know. It helps us help you.

5. Treat our stuff well

We have all the tools you need for practice available to borrow… mats, blocks, straps, pillows, cushions, blankets and anything else you can imagine. Please treat our stuff with respect, and it will always be there for you and everyone else.

6. Perfumes and scents

While they may smell nice on a date, they are not for yoga. You may like your perfume, hair spray, lotions but not everyone does…. and some people have sensitivity to smell. Imagine trying to breath deep and relax smelling something making you sick…. deodorant on the other hand is recommended smiley.

7. Appropriate clothing

This doesn’t mean expensive or name brand but something that fits. Wear something that lets you move, that is comfortable and that allows the teacher to see your structure, If you are in a big oversized shirt then when you fold forward your shirt will roll up… that’s not comfortable. While we are not looking at how perfect your pose is we are looking at how well you are moving in your body. Big bulky clothes get in your way and ours. On the other hand, if your clothes are too tight, well, that is not comfortable for any one involved.

8. Inside voices

We love how much you love us, and the community we have developed in the “living room”. But when you come in 20 minutes for class to catch up the previous class is in savasana. You know, the yummy part after class of deep relaxation, quiet and stillness? Please respect the people in the current class and stick to a quieter indoor voice.

If you need to leave early please inform the teacher and slip out before savasana.
We will be sad that you have to go, savasana is a very important part of practice, but we understand that sometimes it has to happen.

Most importantly- Enjoy your class, your body, your breath and you life